Contract Cleaning

Customers’ first impressions are what count in a business of today and the first 20 seconds of entering a building are the most important.

Decisions and judgements are passed within this time and many will be based on the appearance of ones buildings and cosmetics.

The benefits of contracting are well established, cost effectiveness and consistent standards, free up your administrative time and allow for accurate budgeting. As a specialised cleaning company we are aware of the importance of health and safety standards and by outsourcing this work it leaves you time to conentrate on you business.

Here at Scoobyclean we take pride in the work we do and because of this seek to establish true partnerships with our customers operating on a basis of mutual trust and understanding.

In business today we recognise that your time is precious and therefore design a work pattern to suit you, your customers and your needs.

Our staff represent both our company and yours and therefore trained to the highest standard. Scoobyclean are Health and Safety compliant, fully insured and use eco friendly products.

In today’s economic climate you need to be confident that your cleaning and maintenance budget are invested wisely. Trust in Scoobyclean Cleaning Services to provide you with a first class service and premises to be proud of

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